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Youth Soccer Clinics

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Classes ongoing throughout the year. For more information, please contact Rick Crow at coachrick1984@att.net or 831-383-8587 (voice, text).

OUR MISSION: Provide a recreational activity that is fun, healthy and educational.


Skill acquisition– We believe that young players should learn basic fundamentals and reinforce their skills through practice, repetition and lots of free play.

Playing time– Pick-up games help players make quick decisions, understand transition and learn how to work with teammates. After our skills warm-up, every player will scrimmage as much as possible and receive feedback from coaches.

Activity– Kids bring incredible energy to the soccer field. Except for water breaks, every child will work with the ball or scrimmage for the entire hour.

Ability Grouping and Differentiated Instruction– We understand that young players mature and develop (physically and cognitively) at their own pace. By offering different levels of play, every boy or girl can touch the ball as much as possible.

Fun– We will do everything possible to make this soccer experience one of the most enjoyable hours of the week for players and their families.


Those first little kicks (Ages 3-4)What can three and four year olds do on a soccer field? Dribble and score goals—two of the most important skills at the highest levels of the game. With child-friendly movement games, we keep young players moving and learning skills while they have fun.

Discovering the game (Ages 5-6)Players acquire an increased awareness of soccer and learn basic rules. Their dribbling skills become more dynamic and explosive as they try to beat opponents and score goals.

FUNdamentals (Ages 7-10)Players enhance their dribbling and scoring abilities with trapping and passing skills. Tackling, tracking, shepherding and other basic defensive concepts are introduced.

Working as a team (Ages 11 and up)Players continue to work on the individual skills they need to contribute to a group effort. Team focus includes ball possession, playmaking and transition. Faster-paced training and games will help players develop an ability to read the game, make decisions and solve problems quickly under increased pressure.

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