Water City Skate

Public Session Birthday Packages

To request or book a party contact: watercityparty@gmail.com

Book a Party:
Saturday: 2pm-5pm
Saturday Evening: 7pm-10pm
Sunday: 1pm – 4pm

Party Will Start:
Saturday 2:30-4:30
Saturday Evening 7:30-9:30
Sunday 1:30-3:30

Party Packages:
Up to 12 skaters: $150.00, Cut Off 18 skaters +
Up to 25 skaters: $275.00, Cut Off 37 skaters +
Up to 40 skaters: $395.00

* We cannot bump you Saturday Evening 7:30-9:30 down, unless you warn us Sunday 1:30-3:30 2 days in advance

* If you go over the cutoff You will be bumped up to the next party package

If you go over a couple of skaters you will be charged $7.00 per extra skater


2 pitchers of lemonade
Own Party Room-We have 2 rooms depending on how many skaters you will have
Party Goods such as paper plates, napkins, cups, utensils and tablecloths
Decorations depending what color preference you would like (Pick 2 colors)
Matches and candles

Other Information:

We do not charge non skaters but you are responsible for their drinks and paper goods
Please inform us if you are paying for extra skaters such as the parents and siblings of your invited guests to skate. If not they will pay $7.00

To reserve your spot, we take a non refundable deposit:

- Please provide us with your card number and expiration date
- Deposit Per Party Package:
- 12 Skaters: $25.00
- 25 & 40 Skaters: $50.00

We advise kids bring safety gear to make their experience to be safe and enjoyable!

Please check the downloadable party information to view the schedule of how the party works

Download Party Information & Customer Party Form

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